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Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Coaching

How can The Physique Shop help me with my nutrition?


nutrition guidance with the physique shop includes...

  • 100% customized macronutrient numbers based off your goals w/ added information on HOW TO properly execute tracking your macros based on your individual lifestyle. OR - other alternative lifestyle tools and approaches to make appropriate nutrition choices. There is no one-size fits all approach. Some individuals choose to track their macros while working toward a specific goal, and while it is an approach I highly recommend (and is a GREAT learning experience) it is not the only option when it comes to making progress. Before starting with each of my clients, we have a detailed consult session to determine what kind of plan will work best for you. The greatest plan on paper is NOT the greatest plan if it's something you can't realistically adhere to.
  • Supplement recommendations given each individual's goals/needs
  • Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability - Your nutrition plan will change according to how you are progressing, weekly check-ins ensure you are making the progress we want and that we make any necessary changes to keep that progress happening.
  • Unlimited Email Support & Communication


Available in 4 week (month-to-month), 8 week, and 12 week packages (nutrition only)...

  • 4 Weeks (Month-to-Month): $200
  • 8 Weeks: $350
  • 12 Weeks: $500

Interested in adding a training plan to your nutrition (nutrition + training)?

  • 4 Weeks (Month-to-Month): $250
  • 8 Weeks: $500
  • 12 Weeks: $700

For more detailed information on strength training programs, please contact me!     


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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching



If you're looking to shed fat and take the pounds and inches off, look no further.  No matter if you have 2 lbs to lose or 200, The Physique Shop will coach you through the proper nutrition to get there. Additionally, you will learn how to track and adjust your diet as your goals change. 





Ready to up your lifts, gain strength, ADD MUSCLE, and eat? Time for a gaining phase. When in a muscle gain phase, you will be in a caloric surplus, but with the right nutrition you can put on muscle without putting on unnecessary amounts of body fat. While body fat is not something to fear during a gain phase, rapid/excess fat gain can be avoided while still building serious muscle mass. 


A body recomposition is a slower approach to changing the body which aims to lower body fat and simultaneously build muscle without plunging into a pure fat loss or muscle gain phase.  If you are unsure if a fat loss, muscle gain, or body recomposition program is best for you, The Physique Shop will help you decide which plan best fits your goals! 


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching


Metabolic rehabilitation/REVERSE DIETING

One of the most problematic aspects of weight loss and prolonged caloric restriction is the rebound effect. As your body adjusts to fewer and fewer calories, your body adapts metabolically to ensure survival.  The problem with this is that after a diet, most people go back to consuming more food than their metabolism can handle, which causes excessive weight gain. The metabolic rehabilitation program focuses on metabolic adaptation by slowing adding food back in over a period of time, thus repairing your metabolism without adding unnecessary body fat. This process is also known as "reverse dieting."





Whether you need to make weight for your weight class (and still want to perform at your best) or just want to ensure you are properly fueling your body to support optimal performance in your sport, this is the program for you.



Looking to be a stunner in your wedding photographs or a special event coming up? Look no further, The Physique Shop will get your body picture perfect for the big day. 


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

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The Physique Shop knows the rigourous physical demands law enforcement and military jobs can have on the human body. These jobs require the utmost training and performance nutrition to ensure our service men and women are feeling and performing at their best. Proper Training + Proper Nutrition = Mission Ready.